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February 28, 2012
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With Guns Blazing by Stray-Pixels With Guns Blazing by Stray-Pixels
So, its finally here, my latest painting. I always wanted to get a bridge scene out of the way before I'd tackle the next chapter of my story and so here you are.
It took way longer than expected, but more from stuff keeping me busy as well as having to wait for feedback on it, but its all okay in the end.
I still welcome feedback by the way, especially about the poses and the character in the back in particular, as I tweaked her anatomy the most.

What inspired me was basically drawing our oh so well mannered General (Yes, Erika is a General) proposing some of her oh so rare suicide tactics. I had too much fun designing the scene around her pose and face; even though I'll admit that I still gotta learn a lot about expressions; most of my characters end up having very moot looks on their faces.
You could though, very easily picture a dialog along the following, going on here;

Gunner: "Ma'am, we're out of missiles and they're still advancing. Taking light damage to airfoils, external platforms and the stern is deforming, dunno how much more she can take."

Erika: "damn bastards... READY EVERY TURRET, if we're gonna go down, we'll be going down with our guns blazing. Navigator; set a collision-course with the largest target"

Navigator: "We could just turn around, give it a broad-side and pull away; couldn't we?"

Erika: "I'll never run away, never surrender"

Navigator: "Live and fight another d-..."

Erika: "Shut up; GET OFF MY BRIDGE!!" *points dramatically*

Navigator: *looks to the Gunner* "She's kidding, right?"

Gunner: "She isn't..."

So, I had fun picturing this as I was painting it, put a lot more detail into the picture than I had intended, just cause I had the time and will to do so, other than that, it was a pretty straight-forward procedure.
I also doubt this'll be the last encounter Erika's mobile stronghold; the Sword lives through, it seems cursed with its commander's will to plunge it into danger every single week.

The character in the background is a nod to my friend and wannabe Mistress :iconstrawberryzombie: who I felt i owed a tribute :3
I picture her doing whatever she can to appease the volatile, warpainted beauty as best she can, probably by re-routing energy from the engines to the weapons or something.

Edit: So many computer errors and crap later and its updated again; well I thought it looked a bit too meek and bland, especially what with Erika's face bothering me, as did the lack of painted details; I mean, she hardly ever goes into battle without her trademark "polka-stripes" so I gave a nod to that and her rank (I gave her three stripes on the face and arms as its the federation's rank insignia for Generals) but also a few skulls. just cause they suited her.

I also thought that the blocky consoles didn't really look like in their right element without a pit in front; truth be told, I had one planned all along, but it sort of disappeared when the perspective crowded it out too far ahead to be seen; its back now though, closer to the back of the bridge. There are supposed to be two pits though, for the "drivers" who sit one level down and steer the massive craft when on the ground.

That aside; I altered the lighting and colors a bit, just thought, that looked a bit too unbalanced as well.

Edit II: Some minor details bothered me about Erika's face, especially her eye-patch being too small and I didn't like how the shape of her nose and forehead shone through her hair; remedied now. I hope others will see this as an improvement too.

Edit III: what can I say? I finally saw a few things that I couldn't put my finger on before and then I just corrected them, feels very well to have ironed that out as well.
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Denna är grymmt gjord :)
Stray-Pixels Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
man tackar, du :bow:
Är du säker på att Erika inte är från Halmstad, Halland där älvorna bor enligt Nordisk Familjebok? Hon kan ju ha plastikopererat öronen för att dölja sitt ursprung för de korkade människorna. :D
Stray-Pixels Oct 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ojdå; det kan ju vara möjligt, hon kan ju liksom ha ett älviskt temperament; men annars ser jag inte mycket som tyder på den teorin.
Jag är inte övertygad. Älvor älskar att driva/köra med människor. De är beredda att göra nästan allt för att lyckas. Hon lär visst dricka Must men ej apotekarnes must, ett tecken gott som något. Hon har Hammars Must i små dyra specialflaskor, använder benämningen korkade människor etc. En förklädd älva utan tvekan! :crazy:
Stray-Pixels Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Fan, där sa du nånting, jag hade inte ens tänkt på det; du har nog rätt Erika kanske verkligen inte är den hon utger sig för att vara; nu måste man verkligen undersöka saken noggrannt.
Tja hon vägrar säkert att gå till sjukan där hennes DNA kan avslöja henne. Hon har alltid tusen ursäkter för att inte sätta sin fot där och älvor blir aldrig sjuka heller. När var Erika sjuk sist egentligen? :confused:
Stray-Pixels Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Erika går verkligen inte gärna till sjukan; ojdå, ännu en anledning varför hon inte fått till en ögonprotes.
Hon har aldrig varit sjuk, inte ens när hon blev förgiftad en gång av radioaktiv tonfisk; oj, man borde ju ha märkt det.
I rest my case! ;)
Stray-Pixels Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
jopp, nu känner jag mig dum. :iconderpplz:
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